You will follow the Pampa Jutunpata valley along the shores of Lake Ticllacocha. If you are going by horseback, youll most likely be riding for much of the flat sections. Comfortable hotels, tours, and all transportation. Photo by Ana Sotello of Peru for Less. Look out for chinchillas scrambling between the boulders. Today we come to tell you about the impressive marine wildlife that inhabits, Hello to all travel lovers! Mossy passes and glaciers add to the mystical feel of this route. Climate and temperature The predominant climate in the area is quite cold, with temperatures below 5C at night. Tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for the incredible experience. Wind will be generally light. 1996 - 2019 National Geographic Society. Ausangate Region Rainbow Mountain Weather: The Andes climate varies greatly based on elevation and season. The changes happening on Ausangate are especially important in understanding the fluctuations and adaptations of the entire Amazon River Watershed.. As a result, the 6-Day Ausangate Trek, while being a visually stunning adventure, is something of a spiritual pilgrimage. Where to stay? You will start trekking through the Vilcanota Valley before steadily climbing upwards through high grasslands. The company has moved from championing exploration for the sake of discovery to protecting the planet, committing for the long term to support individuals and organizations using science to understand and devise solutions to todays environmental challenges. Rainfall is low, and you should experience some outstanding views of the Andean landscapes. The dry season brings with it plenty of sun and clear skies. 24/7 in-trip support. A moderate fall of snow, heaviest on Sun morning. A dusting of new snow. It is important to keep in mind the crowds and higher elevation (higher than any other point on the classic Ausangate) to decide if youd like to add this portion to your Ausantage hike. You will rise early and begin your day passing herds of vicunas, alpacas, and llamas. Your email address will not be published. On your descent, youll pass the green lake of Puqa Qocha (4,556m / 14,948 ft). The Ausangate trail has some of the most stunning scenery of all of Perus hiking areas. At the beginning of November, the landscape looks pretty dry because it hasnt been raining for quite a few months. Temperatures will be well below freezing (max -6C on Fri morning, min -9C on Sat night). Looking for a day tour? Dry season in Ausangate is from April to October and rainy season from November through March, but this does not stop rain from falling in dry season or the sun from coming out in rainy season so just be prepared. It is essential to take out insurance that covers you at least up to 5400 meters above sea level, but do not do it without insurance, it is necessary to be forewarned. This deity of Cusco is celebrated through traditions and offerings. This does, however, draw more crowds to Cusco. There are usually long queues to get a classic shot of the colorful slope in the background. Among these massive peaks, we will find the Ausangate at over 20,100 feet (6372m). Ausangate Mountain stands with 11 other sacred apus of the Cusco area, namely Salkantay, Mama Simona, Pillku Urqu, Manuel Pinta, Wanakawri, Pachatusan, Pikchu, Saksaywaman, Viraqochan, Pukin and Sinqa. This means you need to carry all of your own camping gear and food. The team was also joined by National Geographic Explorer and Photographer Tom Peschak who documented their efforts. The temperature is relatively warm in the day with quite cold nights. Youre guaranteed some incredible views of the glistening snowy landscapes and crystalline lagoons. However, you can still expect the days to be bright and warm when in the sun. A voyage to Ausangate mountain is one of natural beauty, living history and ancient spirituality. 4 Forecast Elevations: Peak: 20946 ft 18046 ft 14765 ft Base: 11484 ft This table gives the weather forecast for Ausangate at the specific elevation of 4500 m. Our advanced weather models allow us to provide distinct weather forecasts for several elevations of Ausangate. In the Cusco region, this is the start of summer. You will also get the chance to see the Rainbow Mountains of Vinicunca! Our Peru For Less Travel Blog is a living library of travel information, knowledge, and advice from a group of travel loving experts who live, work, eat, and breathe all things in South America. The team was also joined by National Geographic Explorer and Photographer Tom Peschak who documented their efforts. Anyone with a good level of fitness can manage this hike, but it is recommended that trekkers have experience with multi-day hikes at high elevations. The mountain range has several peaks over 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) high, including the sacred Ausangate peak (6,372m / 20,906ft). Below is a daily itinerary and highlight breakdown of the classic 6 Day Ausangate trek. She finds Peru to be the most inspiring country in the world, and has been exploring and writing about this sacred place since 2014. Please Note: There are no established campsites on the Ausangate trek. Youll get to observe some fascinating bird species and other wildlife along the way as well as spectacular landscapes. Trekking to the base of Ausangate or aiming to ascend to base camp - knowing the meaning and history of the mountain makes it an even more incredible experience. Keep in mind, however, that the dry season, containing Perus winter months, is also the colder time of year. The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu is an alternative to the Inca Trail. Be sure to check with your tour company about whats included in your tour package as well as extra expenses. The shoulder months of October and April bring more moderate weather with mixed rainy and dry days. In the dry months, daytime temperatures are usually mild and visibility is high. It is important to keep in mind the crowds and higher elevation (higher than any other point on the classic Ausangate) to decide if youd like to add this portion to your Ausantage hike. This month is usually when it rains most during the entire year, so pack accordingly. Local legend tells of the baths medicinal properties. Insurance for any multi-day trek in a foreign country is a must. Dry season in Ausangate is from April to October and rainy season from November through March, but this does not stop rain from falling in dry season or the sun from coming out in rainy season so just be prepared. The Ausangate trek is very high altitude, therefore the weather can be quite cold and unpredictable. Venturing on this route will reward you with stunning views of snowy mountains, crystalline lagoons, and lots of flora and fauna unique to the area. You will see both Ausangate and Colqe Cruz peaks in the distance. The Ausangate trek of four days is one of Peru's best options to explore the native life of the Andes. Make sure youre prepared with plenty of rain gear and boots with a good grip. Are you coming? Just dont say you intend on trekking unguided! The Ausangate trek reaches passes higher than 5, 000m. They can also enjoy the magnificent gastronomy of the place, such as a succulent Pachamanca a la tierra. Between the experienced guides with rich regional knowledge, the traditional meals by local chefs, and the gear being carried and set up from campsite to campsite by local porters, a guided trip notably enhances the experience. You can breathe a sigh of relief, the Ausangate trek does not require permits like the one needed to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. We think its the best route! See below for more details. Iceland is the perfect place!, Hey adventurers, are you planning a trip to Tanzania and considering a safari in the, Hello travelers! Next, you will descend into the valley, which will take 40-60 minutes of trekking on a well-trodden gravel trail. Mainly fresh winds. In fact, in Quechua. "Our tours are Fully Customizable and leave 365 days a year!". There are no support crew fees. Only about 5 percent of hikers do this trek independently. It is truly, as deemed by the Inca, sacred. Ausangate or Auzangate [1] (in Hispanicized spellings) is a mountain of the Vilcanota mountain range in the Andes of Peru. Well get back to you within 24 hours. Dont forget to consider the rain and when its colder. Privacy Notice| Sustainability Policy| Terms of Service| Code of Ethics, e at 6,349m/ 20,830ft now the highest weather station in the tropical Andes. Prices for the Ausangate trek vary greatly between companies. Between the high altitude naturescapes, the spiritual flourishes and the amazing local guides, its an adventure like no other. Youll have the chance once again to bathe in the thermal pools in the morning. To secure your spot, its always a good idea to book a bit in advance during this time of year. The views of Ausangate from Arapa pass are stunning, so get your camera ready! . However, if you have extra time to spare, it can certainly be added on. It is recommended to visit the Nevado Ausangate in dry season; between the months of April to November, because, in rainy season and due to the high altitude in which it is located, some parts of the route can be covered with snow making the route more complicated. It is a 500m (1,640 ft) ascent up the pass. After lunch time, hikers have an opportunity to hike mystical thermal lakes and marvel at the uniqueness of its surrounding glaciers. At these high elevations, youll have to contend with freezing nights though. For nearly a century, Rolex has supported pioneering explorers pushing back the boundaries of human endeavour. Most tours will start in Cusco from where your operator will drive you southeast to Tinki (Tinqui). This is where you will camp for the night. . For a hike like the ausangate trek, it is highly likely that you will experience some form of altitude sickness, as elevations reach as high as 16,800 ft. For this reason, it is important to acclimate properly, take your time on the trail and take measures to combat symptoms. Its size is so large that it can be appreciated even if one is in the Sacsayhuaman Fortress. The journey to Tinki takes roughly 3.5 hours. Ausangate mountain itself is considered a holy mountain (or mountain spirit) by locals. These two are bang in the middle of the dry season, but the nights get extremely cold. In the afternoon youll make another climb to the Ausangate pass before descending towards your campsite for the night at Ausangatecocha. Weather can be friendly up there, but it soon turns either cloudy or sunny. This part of the trek would bring you to a soaring 17,060 feet above sea level. Winds decreasing (strong winds from the W on Sun night, light winds from the W by Mon night). The new weather station collects near real-time meteorological data such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, radiation, and snow depth, all of which will aid local governments and the international scientific community in observing the impacts of climate change on critical water resources that affect local communities. In fact, there can be heavy snow as well given the elevation. Basically, you will only be paying for transport, food, and equipment rental. If you dont deal well with cold conditions, then this trek isnt for you. The former capital of the mighty Inca Empire, Perus city of Cusco is a fabulous base from which to explore fascinating archeological and historical sites, as well as enjoy time in nature. Because it is at a high altitude, it is not . The festival draws over 10,000 pilgrims each year. Ausangate trek 1 day is an extraordinary hike through beautiful landscapes that will take you to beautiful colorful lagoons, surrounded by snowy mountains. It then continues on to the ancient settlement of Pikillaqta, which was originally settled by the Wari culture. [1] Its maximum altitude is 6384 meters above sea level. From the lookout, you get a gorgeous 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains. Doing the trail independently is much more planning intensive. Soak in the inviting hot springs as you gaze out over the Pacchanta highlands. You will celebrate the end of your epic Peru adventure trek with a pachamanca, a unique and ancient style of Andean cooking. The collaboration between Explorers to study all facets of the Amazon River Basin is critical to deepen our understanding of the Amazons dynamic environment, said Nicole Alexiev, Vice President of Science and Innovation Programs at National Geographic Society. It is part of the so-called Vilcanota mountain range. You can leave your bags at camp and hike to Rainbow Mountain and back. Rainbow Mountain, or Montaa de Siete Colores, is a very popular destination. Ausangate 7 lakes weather The winds, the cold, and the sun's heat will also say "hi" at that high and make you good company. If you are looking for a stunning destination to take, Hello, ice adventurers! Check out our list of the top 27 best treks in Peru, with hikes like Ausangate, Rainbow Mountain, Laguna 69, Inca Trail, Kuelap, Huayna Picchu and more. Ausangate Mountain stands with 11 other sacred apus of the Cusco area, namely Salkantay, Mama Simona, Pillku Urqu, Manuel Pinta, Wanakawri, Pachatusan, Pikchu, Saksaywaman, Viraqochan, Pukin and Sinqa. Here are my 5 favourite day tours around Cusco: Camping is usually the norm for sleeping and resting on this route. Due to the geographical conditions of the Andes, the weather here can be, and almost always is, unpredictable and the Ausangate Trek includes a temperature oscillation between 10-20 C during the day if it is sunny, up to 05-10 during the day if it's not sunny. AUSANGATE WEATHER. Here you can see these iconic mountains with rich mineralization bringing red, orange and yellow hues across a seemingly endless mountain expanse. Its truly a sight to behold. You will then descend down the other side and camp beside the blue-green lake of Qomercocha (4,704m / 15,433 ft). Given the high altitude of the campsites, temperatures drop considerably in the afternoon and especially at night, when they can drop to -10 C or even lower in the dry season. Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain 4 Days. During the day it can be up to 20C, and there are cold winds during some parts of the day. On the one hand we have the largest ancient Read More, Hello travelers, are you looking for thrills and breathtaking scenery? Instead of ending day 6 at Tinki, you would continue on to Laguna Armaccocha, reach a viewpoint and lake Singrenacchocha on day 7, hike alongside the river to Mallma on day 8, and finally board a train to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu on day 9. Feel free to share my article with friends or link to your blog. They made the trip fantastic! The Classic 4 Day Inca Trail is a more popular hike of the region, and for that reason more crowded and limited in availability. Ausangate is the highest mountain in the Cusco region and the 5th highest mountain in Peru. This post is also available in: Its also when tourist season really picks up, but you can avoid crowds on this off-the-beaten-path route. Considered challenging, this 6 day trek is recommended for seasoned hikers only, who have experience hiking at high elevations. In Mallma, you will have lunch before boarding a bus that will take you back to Cusco. Rolex also supports organizations and initiatives fostering the next generations of explorers, scientists and conservationists through scholarships and grants such as Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society and The Rolex Explorers Club Grants. If you are planning on hiking Ausangate without a guide, you will need to be completely self-reliant. As such, the Ausangate trail is classified as a Grade C trek: fairly long and many sections are at high altitudes. The looming form of Ausangate watches over you from your left. Eventually your journey through this ancient landscape ends at the town of Tinki. This includes guides, transport, horses, and camping gear. In the mountains, the weather can change quickly. Visit beautiful lakes and impressive panoramic lookouts. Another factor to consider, aside from the steep sections and 16,000 ft+ elevation passes, is the weather. After breakfast, you will have an easy descent. Operators will provide the horses and extra horses will also be brought to carry your gear and equipment. If you have a little more time (and money) on your hands and want to see the magnificent ruins, then this is a great option. If you have any further questions about the Ausangate trek, please leave a comment below. are designed to showcase all that this country has to offer. You may need to hire additional equipment and prices vary between rental agencies. is considered strenuous, with a few moderate days sprinkled in. One fantastic option that not many tourists get to enjoy is the Ausangate Trek. Instead of ending day 6 at Tinki, you would continue on to Laguna Armaccocha, reach a viewpoint and lake Singrenacchocha on day 7, hike alongside the river to Mallma on day 8, and finally board a train to, Another compelling aspect of the Ausangate trek is that you can conveniently arrange to do. She enjoys sharing her passion for all things nature-related. The weather is unpredictable in the andes. The Ausangate trek is one of the highest altitude treks in Peru. It is fairly easy, and arguably better, to take a bus to visit Rainbow Mountain. Ausangate is an off-the-beaten track hiking alternative with minimal foot traffic that allows you to carve into the mystical side of an ancient Andean world. Hikers should be prepared for a range of weather conditions, including sunshine, rain, and even snow. Total Ausangate Cost Per Person: 470 soles (about $120). In addition, the elevation changes significantly over a short space of time. This effort marks a significant milestone in the, 2022 National Geographic and Rolex Amazon Perpetual Planet Expedition. Youll start on an increasingly steep trail that leads you up to a high mountain pass at Arapa where you will be rewarded with outstanding views of the entire mountain chain. You will be walking down slope towards the village of Pajchanta (4,010m / 13,156 ft). The snow-capped Nevado Collque Cruz peak sits directly above you, making this a lovely place to camp. Please Note: If you are visiting Rainbow Mountain, you will probably camp at Ananta. The mountain range has several peaks over 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) high, including the sacred Ausangate peak (6,372m / 20,906ft). As you can see, the climate can get pretty cold at this altitude, and youll need to ensure you stay warm at all times. Ausangate, a five-day trek, is an unforgettable hike recommended for mountain trekking lovers, searching for an intense experience in remote areas and wild nature. Formed by weathering, environmental conditions and sedimentary deposits over time, the mountains unique minerology created a marbling effect, with layered hues of gold, lavender, red and turquoise towering into the sky. Whilst most Ausangate treks are offered on a 6-day itinerary, certain companies will combine the trek with a visit to Machu Picchu as well. From here, you are able to see the peaks of Mariposa and Caracol in the distance. Seasonal shoulder months are April and October. The Nevado Ausangate is the source of life that we have for this region of Cusco, said Santos Huaman, Mayor of Chilca, the Peruvian township encompassing much of the Ausangate Valley. However, this is when the real downpours start, too. The Ten Nations, or brotherhoods, of the surrounding areas all gather for the occasion. Each lake in the region is colored differently. The important thing is not to rush during your trek - slow and steady is better for descending a steep mountain pass. Here are 5 of my favourite accommodation options in Cusco: The Ausangate trek is one of the few treks in Peru that offers the option to ride a horse along the route. Ausangate is actually the 5th tallest mountain in Peru, standing at 20,945 feet above sea level. To learn more about Perpetual Planet Expeditions visit: We suggest that you take a minute to read our detailed article on altitude sickness and acclimatization. The area also experiences rain and snowfall. Fortunately, the remote Ausangate Trek is a unique choice, making it clear of crowds year round even during peak season. The equipment and packing list for the Ausangate trek is similar to that for other Cusco hikes. If you are hiking independently, make sure the gear you take is suitable for sub-zero temperatures. This new weather station will help us to understand how much snow is melting, why, and how we recover it. It is possible to hike Ausangate without a guide. See our Ausangate Trek page, where you can find more in depth information about the daily itinerary, inclusions for the trek, and high and low elevations of trail and campsites. Only about 5% of hikers on the Ausangate Trek do it solo. Washington, D.C. (August 3, 2022) Today, the National Geographic Society announced the placement of a weather station just below the summit of the Nevado Ausangate at 6,349m/ 20,830ft now the highest weather station in the tropical Andes. Depart: K'airahuiri Alto Min Age : 10 (4 Reviews) 5 Reviews Sort By: Rating Date Rhonda G. Group Traveller All the guides, cook, horsemen were excellent! If you're looking for an exotic and beautiful destination for, Hello to all photography lovers! The Iquitos Culture: everything you need to know before going there, Myths and Truths about safaris in the Serengeti. Bus from Cusco to Tique: 10 soles ($3) each way. The best glaciers in Iceland that you cant miss. Find out which tour offices sell this trek and pay them a visit. The trek offers an array of wildlife including soaring condors and vicunas (a wild relative of the alpaca). Explorers from the National Geographic Society have placed a weather station just below the summit of Nevado Ausangate in Peru at 6,349m, making it the highest weather station in the tropical Andes. Specifically, it celebrates the reappearance of the Pleiades constellation in the night sky, marking the beginning of harvest season. Here is a breakdown of expenses on the Ausangate Trek (per person): The map below is the best online map I could find for the Ausangate trek. The combination of the two stations provide critical data to study climate-glacier interactions in the accumulation zone and characterize the extreme climate at the highest elevations in the Andes. Your operator should allow good time for acclimatization to prevent hikers from getting altitude sickness on the higher slopes. Although the total distance is only about 39km, the ancient trail laid by the Incas from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu winds its way up and down and around the mountains, snaking over three high Andean passes en route, which have collectively led to the route being dubbed the Inca Trail. The views of snowy mountain peaks, distant rivers and ranges, and cloud forests flush with orchids are stupendous and walking from one cliff-hugging pre-Columbian ruin to the next is a mystical and unforgettable experience. Our advanced weather models allow us to provide distinct weather forecasts for several elevations of Youll stop and have lunch before tackling the last of the passes the Qampa pass (5,000m / 16,404 ft). The What is Machu Picchu? Hiking the Ausangate Trek without using a company works out significantly cheaper. Ausangate Sibinacocha Lake Trek 7 Days. Whether youve already booked your vacation to Peru or are still planning the logistics, youll be putting together an itinerary. During the day it can get quite warm if the sun is out; anywhere from 60-75F/15-24C. Machu Picchu. Everything you need to know before you go on an amazing Ausangate trek starts here. Through this Peru trek, you'll ascend and descend through the mountain range, finding sweeping Andean vistas, thermal lakes, mystical glaciers, green mossy passes and enormous snowy mountains. The coldest months of the year are June and July. At last, May marks the official beginning of the dry season in the Cusco region. On the way, youll pass by the beautiful ecological landscape of Quinsapucyu and the mountain Huarmisaya. You will start and end your trek at the town of Tingui (sometimes called Tinki). Youll most likely stop along the way in Ocongate or Qatca for a drink and to experience the local culture. Day 3 is the most challenging day of the trek. If present, it would likely indicate long distance atmospheric transport microplastics carried by winds from far away. Given the high elevations, it doesn't get hot (on our trip it reached into the 70s Fahrenheit) but the sun is extremely strong and that's the biggest battle. You can also find a form to contact a travel advisor to perfectly tailor your ultimate Peru trekking adventure. This doesnt mean youll be chilly all day. Tour Price 7 Lakes Trek in Ausangate Full-Day Trip 1 Day Trip Price from $ 160 USD Per Person Group Size Up to 16 Activity Level Relaxing Contact Us Try to budget for about 300 soles ($80) for 6-7 days. The itinerary is almost identical to the one above until you get to the final day. If you want to take to one of the lesser known trails of the mystical Andes, reach out to our team and well be happy to include it in your upcoming Peru travel package. Altitude sickness occurs in 20 percent of people at 8,000 feet and 40 percent of people at 10,000 feet. Login. Approximately 9 hours of hiking time. Its best to pack lightly for Ausangate hiking. To learn more, visit. Temperatures will be well below freezing (max -6C on Fri morning, min -9C on Sat night). What to find in Ausangate Temperatures will be well below freezing (max -6C on Tue morning, min -8C on Tue night). If theres one good bit of advice we could give you, its: always be prepared! As long as you make use of this detailed guide, you'll be more than prepared for the epic journey. No matter what season you are hiking Ausangate trek, make sure that . You will be amazed by the amount of work and dedication that the guides, chefs, porters and other crew bring to your experience. I hope you have enjoyed this article. After Arapa pass, you approach a series of beautiful Andean lakes. You should arrive by midday and visit Rainbow Mountain the same afternoon. Flights generally run on time and dont face any issues. During the day it can be up to 20C, and there are cold winds during some parts of the day. Expect the days to be cool, no warmer than 40 degrees F, and the nights to drop to freezing temperatures as low as 10 degrees F. The rainy season is between October and April. Please note that the map is not to scale. Ausangate. National Geographic Explorer Ruthmery Pillco joined Perry and Matthews for part of the expedition to examine the headwaters in Ausangate and investigate how they impact the cloud forest where her research on Andean bears takes place. The mountain is part of the Cordillera Vilcanota and, according to an ancient legend, was the brother of the Nevado de Salkantay. A moderate fall of snow, heaviest on Tue afternoon. Photo by Peru for Less. This takes most hikers approximately 5 hours of walking. Campsite beside a lagoon on the Ausangate Trek. Please see our packing list below for suggestions. Generally, you can expect to pay between $450-$850 for this trail. The weather is unpredictable in the andes. With maps like this, experienced trekkers should be able to find their way without a guide. +51 917815987 You will also have the option of visiting the world famous Rainbow Mountains. You will climb a steep shoulder and cross a narrow pass to reach an incredible lookout point (4,940 meters / 16,207 feet). During this time, especially in February, rain can be torrential, which may cause closures on the trail. Image: Unsplash. May, September, and October are the best three months to avoid the freezing nights and also (hopefully) avoid the rain. Start by making your way to the camp of Upis. Awaken all your senses on this alternative route that's very special and unique. This means group sizes are usually small if not completely private. Approximately 2-3 hours of hiking time. Id advise being a little sneaky while in Cusco. The nighttime temperatures range between 14 F / -10, whereas the day temperature reaches 77 F / 25 C. Best time to hike Ausangate 7 lakes Food Supplies (including gas for cooking): 100-150 soles ($30-$45). The village is an extremely authentic insight into traditional Peruvian culture where local village people make their living here from herding and farming. It is important to factor the low temperatures and your tolerance to cold and snow when determining your suitability for this trail. This is the dry season in the Andes, making for sunnier weather and clearer days to take in the beautiful scenery. If theres one thing that can slightly ruin your experience, its bad weather. Temperatures will be well below freezing (max -8C on Mon morning, min -11C on Mon night). Not only because of the rampant beauty you will encounter, but also because of the lack of people. native american radio stations north dakota, how many railroad bridges cross the mississippi river,